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ICEA believes that to facilitate truly genuine reconciliation and mutual respect, it is important to work with both Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth together. For this reason, their programs don’t solely focus on one or the other group, but instead bring Western Australian youth together.

ICEA's philosophy is that everyone undergoes his or her own reconciliation learning journey, or ‘Kuditjiny’ ('journey of attaining more knowledge' in Noongar.) Their actions are driven by the belief that we can support this journey through:

- Providing positive experiences

- Building strong genuine relationship

- Promoting understanding of Indigenous cultures

To realise their vision of national reconciliation, ICEA members undertake a broad range of activities. Through the efforts of young ICEA leaders and volunteers, their fun and inclusive programs aim to promote mutual respect and cultural awareness in local schools and in the wider community.

From primary school students to young graduates, ICEA's activities provide unique opportunities for young people to form a greater understanding of Indigenous culture, gain meaningful friendships, break down cultural barriers and build their inner strength and confidence.

"To me, ICEA is about bringing non-Indigenous and Indigenous kids together in a series of fun activities and creating friendships between these kids and respect."

 - Jasirah Bin Hitam, Bardi girl from One Arm Point

What makes them unique is that they inspire young people through activities that bring Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth together in a genuinely inclusive, fun way. ICEA have a range of programs that you can get involved in – from high schools across the state, to Perth beaches, to remote regions of the Kimberley:

Remote Communities

Marja Series

ICEA Classic

Yarn Program



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