Featherstone Physio Pilates


Realign. Rebalance. Reactivate. 

These three terms summarise the core philosophy of Featherstone Physio Pilates. They are multifaceted terms that encompass both the physical aspects of the body – muscles, joints and nervous system – and also extend to whole body wellness aspects such as outlook, lifestyle choices and vitality. At Featherstone Physio Pilates we believe that our approach can Realign, Rebalance, Reactivate the relationships of body and mind wellness.

“Physical fitness is the first pre-requisite to happiness” - Joseph Pilates

Featherstone offers the following services: General/Sports Physio, Equipment Physio Pilates, Mat Physio Pilates and Women’s Health and Continence Physio.


       Upstairs Studio at Camelot 





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16 Lochee St, Mosman Park, 6012, WA, Australia

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